Building a Good Thing

Goodness is a boutique creative studio. This allows us to be flexible, nimble, and have personal connections with you. We believe that every business is more than the product it offers. We dig deep together to discover your brand truths and share your goodness with the world.

Let's Work Together
Meet the Founders
Dustin Owens headshot photo for Goodness Creative Studio
Dustin Owens
Partner, CEO
  • Award-winning Creative Director with 10+ years of building and growing successful brands through strategy-led design
  • Enneagram Type #4 | INFJ
  • Frequent musician, occasional furniture maker
Tara Owens headshot photo for Goodness Creative Studio
Tara Owens
Partner, CMO
  • Compassionate Leader and Marketing Strategist with 15+ years of launching new brands, sustaining budding businesses, and helping nonprofits succeed
  • Enneagram Type #7 | ENFP
  • Loves loud parties and quiet books
Our Story
Goodness founders Dustin and Tara Owens

Goodness was founded by us — Dustin and Tara Owens. We both go by our middle names and love fonts, coffee, our sons, and good food.

We had our first date at Trophy Brewing and the sparks started flying over pizza and beer. We shared some more dinner dates and eventually decided we should eat good food together forever.

After a decade of working for other businesses developing amazing brands, we decided to start our own company.

Together we’re building a good thing. A creative studio founded on courage and kindness, partnering with passionate brands to help them grow thriving businesses.