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Raising $11,000 in 11 minutes
Hope for Haiti Foundation

We worked with Hope for Haiti Foundation on a strategic fundraising campaign for 2018’s #GivingTuesday. Their goal was to raise $11,000 over the course of the day to buy the land for their new surgical clinic in Bainet, Haiti. Through blog posts, email campaigns, social media marketing, and strategic conversations with key donors, the goal was met in the first 11 minutes of fundraising. We pivoted to a new goal to start building the surgical clinic and helped this NC-based nonprofit raise a grand total of $19,835 in a single day — all through social media donations.

Screen shot of successful email marketing campaign for nonprofit Hope for Haiti Foundation, using Mailchimp email marketing

Message 1 Subject:

We’re building a surgical clinic in Bainet — Join us for #GivingTuesday!

Message 2 Subject:

Just one week until #GivingTuesday — Help us build a surgical clinic!

Message 3 Subject:

Today is the day! Help us build a surgical clinic for #GivingTuesday

Hope for Haiti Foundation facebook screen shot, showing a successful 2018 #GivingTuesday money raising marketing campaign
Man holding iPhone looking at email marketing campaign
Hear from our client

We could not have met and surpassed our goal without the help of Goodness. We wanted to participate in Giving Tuesday on Facebook, but were overwhelmed by all the details and knowledge required to plan and execute well. Tara came in and made the process so smooth, relayed our message perfectly, and handled the crazy speed of the campaign when it went live. Because of Goodness, so many lives in Haiti have been impacted for the better.

Elizabeth Brown
Executive Director
Hope for Haiti Foundation