Graphic Design
Clarity for these trusted, compassionate advisors
Jones Insurance

The team at Jones Insurance are true leaders in their industry. They understand their clients, truly caring about the risks they face and providing a tailored solution to protect what is valuable to them. 

We worked together through brand strategy, then developed how their brand lives out in the world with a family of client handouts and business card designs. 


We laid the foundation for a cohesive brand. We uncovered their brand values — family, dedication, positivity — our guiding light as we continue to design on-going collateral for them.

Brand manual mockup for Jones Insurance • Goodness creative studio developed this client's vision mission values and customer personas

Graphic Design 

A business card is often the first print interaction people have with a local brand focused on personal connections. We designed cards and a whole suite of print material with Jones Insurance’s brand strategy and messaging in mind.

Isometric print design • a series of 8.5 x 11 brochures • identity print system created by Goodness design agency in Raleigh NC
Business card design mockup for Garner NC based business insurance company
Agency overview print design for Jones Insurance of Garner NC

Hear from our client

I just want to take this opportunity to say what a fantastic job Goodness has done for us. For over four years our staff has been working to produce the professional-quality, co-branded, consistent materials that their team has delivered. We have worked with other local and national design/marketing firms and no one else has been as thorough, productive, cost-effective, and just plain old fun to work with as Goodness. We are very fortunate to have them as a key business partner.

Buddy Gupton
Jones Insurance